Ways of Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night

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Ways of Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night

It is every parent’s desire to have their babies sleeps peacefully through the evening with little or no disturbances. A majority of mothers and especially the new ones have not had sound sleep since their babies were born because they keep waking up in the night, and they must keep watch of them. The habit becomes more or less like a rite of passage.

Getting your baby to sleep through the evening is apparently one of the hardest tasks that parents must endure and being up all hours of the night with broken sleep becomes the order of the day. Nevertheless, there are various to do away with this rite of passage. And if well implemented, they will also reduce your feeling exhausted and frustrated probably after a long day at work.


  • Create a regular bedtime routine.

A baby’s predictability is very helpful because it prepares the baby way in advance. The routine should of the same time and does not have to be so complicated.

  • Ensure the baby is at ease.

Contentment is not defined by the fact that the baby is not crying. No. It includes other comforting elements the likes of being well fed, nicely and comfortably dressed, having adequate room temperature and have a cozy feel. By the way, some babies get very upset over tiny things so ensure that everything is just right for them, and you can be sure they will sleep with so much ease through the night.

  • Practice early bedtime.

Unlike what many mothers practice or believe that having the baby sleep later will make them sleeper longer towards the morning hours, the best time for a baby’s bedtime is between 7 to 8.30pm. The child tends to fight back sleep when put to bed late as a result of being overtired. It is not advisable to allow your child to stay up till late.

  • Teach the baby to fall asleep on their own.

How does this happen? Well, it sounds a hard skill but if well approached, it is not. To achieve this put the baby down even when they a wide awake but probably drowsy. Has it ever bothered you why sneaking into a baby’s crib wakes them up perhaps after a few minutes of falling asleep on your laps?

Well, it is because they have not learnt to fall asleep on their own. Allow them to whine and fuss themselves around before falling asleep.

  •  Share the cuddling roles with your partner.

Lie down together with the baby as you put them to sleep. And to stamp in them that it is time to sleep you could also pretend to be asleep. However, you must strategize on how to move them to their cot if they are of age to sleep on their own.

You could also exchange the cuddling roles with your partner which makes it easier for the baby to fall asleep.

And all said and done the baby once all grown will stop needing someone to put them to bed.