How to Work Out While Pregnant

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How to Work Out While Pregnant

Contrary to what many people think, it is very advisable to carry out exercise while pregnant. It is a therapy that tends to maintain physical fitness, overall health as well as body wellness. Probably many women may not know that exercising during pregnancy takes away some discomforts and at the same time it also prepares the body for labor and delivery by strengthening the muscles while building endurance. Hence is advisable to for every pregnant woman to stay active during pregnancy.

And if by any chance you have gestational diabetes, exercise would be ideal for you because it helps in managing the condition hence lowering the risks involved. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists endorses, at least, a daily 30 minutes of exercise for any women who does not have a complicated pregnancy.

Well, most moms to be will ask, what are the best forms of activities and exercises that will not risk my unborn child? They are many of them but again it is good to seek your healthy provider’s approval before indulging in any of them. Nevertheless, here are some that you can apply either cardiovascular or flexibility and strength exercises: –

  • Swimming

There is the tendency of feeling like swimming is very unsafe. But it is not, and any health care provider will tell you that it is one of the best and safe exercises for pregnant women. It is a cardiovascular activity that will help in reducing swelling which is very common and will also assist the woman to feel like they have a lighter weight despite the extra Kgs that come with pregnancy.


  • Aerobic classes

This works right into the heart and helps in toning the body. And by the way, don’t carry out this alone. You can choose to pull along other pregnant women who will give you an assurance that all is well.

  • Walking

This is one of the simplest exercises for any pregnant woman to carry out because it does not require any special equipment to accomplish it. The much you need is a good pair of supportive shoes and the beauty of this exercise is that it can be done from anywhere, it keeps you fit and will not affect your knees or ankles.

  • Weight training.

Weight training helps in strengthening the muscles. And in any case, you will be expected to do a lot of baby lifting once the baby comes hence and it is a viable exercise. However, ensure you use proper lifting techniques and, if possible, have a trainer with you who will help in controlling your movements.

  • Stretching.

It is a flexibility exercise that helps in keeping the body limber and relaxed. It also helps in preventing muscle strain.

  • Running.

Exercising of the heart is well achieved through a jog which at the same time helps in building endurance. However be cautious of the pace you keep when jogging depending on whether you are new in jogging or have prior experience. Use a slow pace to start with and also shorter routes and slowly build up to a heightened pace and longer route.


  • Dancing.

Use your favorite tunes that will make your movement smooth and perhaps you can do this from a dancing class or better still from the comfort of your room.

  • Yoga.

Yoga comes in handy for the maintenance of muscle tone. However, you can choose to supplement this exercise whose flexibility may have little or no impact on your joints with earlier mentioned activities the likes of walking or swimming.

The deal for activities sounds so real to an expectant mother. However, there are precautions to take before engaging yourself in any. Apart from consulting your healthcare provider, it is also important that you listen to your body and also ensure that you don’t overdo any recommended exercise, After all, not all workouts are recommended and especially during the last few months or weeks of your pregnancy.

And when it’s all about feeding, do so one hour before the workout and make sure you consume enough and healthy calories. Drink plenty of water and if you are doing any floor exercise, don’t rush to wake up because it may cause dizziness.