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How to Prepare for Childbirth

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Most women will easily relate to the aspect of childbirth since they have had experiences that have culminated to labor before giving birth to their children. Different ways lead to delivery all who are bearable but at the same time they are still uncomfortable. There is natural vaginal birth or the caesarean delivery method. All the same, it is a unique experience for most women and full of expressions physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Nevertheless, there is the fear factor that is of a primary concern about to give birth. And if not well managed, it keeps resurfacing day after day and could easily lead to mental discomfort. Counseling could play a fundamental role in helping diminish fear, and it clears the way into having an untroubled pregnancy. A healthy professional who has worked with women over time could turn your nightmares into pleasant and memorable experiences. You could choose to attend childbirth classes from where you shall learn how to combat childbirth fear and how to prepare for it.

Tips on how on prepare for childbirth

How to Prepare for Childbirth

Every pregnant woman tends to get alarmed as the delivery time nears. There is more and more panic since they don’t know what to expect. However, the following are some tips you can apply that will keep you in touch with your pregnancy and probably help you prepare for your childbirth.

  • Enroll for a childbirth course.

The earlier you enter into it, the better, and it is mostly recommended that you start in your second trimester. You will learn various things including ways of merging anxiety and pain, and since you don’t want to get to the hospital with a zero idea of what happens, the classes will do you better than harm.

  • Keep away from negativity.

You will meet so many educators along your pregnancy journey. Part of them may discourage you and will show you graphic images they believe in and tell you catastrophic tales. You may hear things like “C- section will give your child disabilities”. This may easily affect your subconscious and create a mental block. You will get stressful thoughts about labor which could intensify pain. The best thing is to tune out or walk away when the subject matter makes you uncomfortable. Shield yourself from adverse Facebook threads.

  • Seek emotional and physical support.

Look out for support from trained professionals and those who understand more about labor. Studies have it that continuous support makes labor shorter and decreases the need for epidurals, C-sections, oxytocin for induction and forceps.

  • Stay true to yourself.

People who have been there before you will give you all kinds of suggestions. But remember their suggestions will be a line of what they went through and what they did? But you are not them, and your experience may not necessarily be like yours. The secret is just to listen to them but don’t get coerced that you must go along with them.

  • There are recommended positions that you can embrace.

The positions will help in increasing gravity which in return facilitates the movement of the baby down and out. Some of these positions include standing, walking, kneeling, slow dancing, sitting and squatting. A little jiggling would help too besides rocking back and forth on your hands and knees. And by the way, ensure you have an idea of the different labor positions that you can apply.

  • Find strength and Focus.

You can register for prenatal yoga certification training. It helps in strengthening the entire body. Besides, it increases the flexibility of the body as well as increasing your stamina. The main advantage of Yoga is that it comes in handy in helping relax your mind which in return leaves your body free to embrace the birthing activities.

  • Childbirth preparation required that you study up widely and keep what you learn in mind.

Remember when you in a grip of labor you hardly have the energy to read any self-hypnosis book or locate a birthing ball.

  • How have prepared your environment?

You ought to set up the scene. Word has it that most women prefer a dark and quiet environment to manage their labor. So while in the labor room, you can request your nurse or partner to reduce probably the light and the noise in the room. Little touches here and there are also said to give a magical feeling. Nice scents like that of lavender also provide some calmness during labor.

All said and done, it all about what you want to achieve and the best of all is what could be referred to a less discomfort during labor. After all who wants pain near their lives? Nobody of course. Hence, have your tricks in place, be well informed and stay on guard. Besides, remember to have all you need in place, the likes of a baby swing. Get sometime before birthing your child to get the best baby swing.

You can also buy for your baby the best moses basket.


Features of the Right Baby Swing

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Features of the Right Baby Swing

The best gift that you can give to any new mother is a baby swing because they have been known to give so much help and comfort to their bundles of joy. The babies will not only use them when they are infants, but they will have extended fun even as they grow up.

Well, we want the best product on the market, and as far baby swings are concerned, I would encourage that the buyer does an excellent research and ensure that they only identify the best portable baby swing. Portability of the swing ensures that you can use it from any location, either internally or externally. Nevertheless, let us outline some of the features anyone should be wary off before ascertaining that they have identified what they want: –

  • Ease of use and safety.

Look out for a fixed restraint system and you will either get an over-the-shoulder or a five-point harness system. However, other models feature a three-point harness system, but a majority has preferred the five-point which is described as being more secure. Word of caution; ensures that the harness system is properly secured.

But how do you determine ease of use for a baby swing? Weight and size are clear indications as well as simplicity of operating the controls.

  • Stability and sturdiness.

Watch out for how sturdy the swing’s frame is to ensure that it cannot collapse quickly. And if you want to ascertain the sturdiness of any baby swing, check out the width and the girth.

  • Safety standards.

Don’t be lured into buying just any other baby swing simply because you have liked the color or it is within your budget. Instead, ensure that it has proper and complete safety precautions and recheck the safety standards. You should be able to notice a seal of approval from safety associations.


  • Speed.

The baby is more often than not used for soothing and luring the baby to sleep. Hence, you have to swing it from direction to direction. Different baby swings have different speeds ranging from one to eight. Well, a parent may not be certain which speed is best for their babies at first, but one can start with the lowest setting and slowly increase the speed till the baby is content.

What the baby seems to prefer is what you should go regarding speed. Bear in mind that it is that speed which will be soothing the baby to sleep.


  • Portability.

The question is who wants something stationed at one point? Well, no one wants this, but some swings are quite vast and heavy hence, they are not at ease to transport. That leaves you with no option that to opt for a portable swing whereby even with limited space it can easily be folded away. So don’t rush to buy that baby swing because it is of perfect size and look. First check out its specifications to ensure its compatibility.


  • Power options.

A majority of the commonly used baby swings are battery operated and are considered very convenient because they do not rely on a wall outlet for power. However, their main disadvantage is the need for the batteries every more often but on the other hand, one can use re-chargeable batteries which saves the frequent replacements even after spending a dime of expense during their initial purchase.

  • Music and sounds.

Baby swings can be a source of entertainment especially if there are toys are fixed on them. The music and sounds from them quickly push the baby to sleep or better still keep them awake as they act as a form of entertainment.

But did you know not everyone cordons the noises from these sounds and music? Well, they irritate you ensure that you obtain a swing whose sounds and music can be turned on and off independently.

  • Reclining chair.

It is evident that newborns will in every sense stay on their backs, unlike the older babies. As such, a reclining chair will be of the essence and useful to any of them; either old or new. The older ones can easily sit up by themselves while the new ones will recline fully on their backs. And every age of a baby has different needs.


What there is, is that you differently get a good baby swing when you get to the market, but it is advisable first to register in your mind exactly what you want and the features you desire. Remember our sole mission is to look for a best baby swing which will not only please the buyer but which the baby will also be able to connect with. And whether what you are buying is brand new or second hand, ensure that whatever is sold to you is what you had asked for.


Most Effective Ways to Relieve Hip Pain during Pregnancy

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Most Effective Ways to Relieve Hip Pain during Pregnancy

Any woman who has been pregnant will agree with me that pregnancy brings along many changes within the body. Besides there is pain here and pain there and however simple it may sound, a typical woman tends to get bothered and it is only through these body changes that finally makes them adore their bundles of joy. Among the many other side effects that come with pregnancy is the hip pain which is experience at one point or another during pregnancy. In fact it is one of the shared signs of pregnancy but you may also notice it during the second trimester as the baby increasingly grows.

There are several causes associated with hip pain with the main one being a pregnancy hormone called relaxin. The hormone is released as soon as one conceives and its role is to provide ligaments to the pelvic are with flexibility required during the birth process. Many expectant women have confessed that more often than not hip pain has being a nightmare causing disrupted sleep which leads to increased stress and discomfort during the day. It is also known to make joints become inflamed and sensitive.

Well, there are various tips and strategies that an expectant women can apply to counter and relieve hip pain during pregnancy. They include: –

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  • Try Yoga and other strengthening exercises

Strengthening of thigh and trunk muscles helps in spreading the pregnancy burden and especially when standing or moving. However, you will need to involve a physical therapist to help you with the right skills lest you take the wring move which could intensify the pain. Try different postures so long as you are able to get maximum comfort from hip pain.

  • Different stretches like knee stretching, sit stretch and hip flexor stretch are also highly recommended. They give a lot of relieve to hip pain but again ensure that you get the best comfort from the pain.
  • Avoid vigorous physical work.

Don’t attempt to lift heavy weights drastically, waking or standing for too long because all these increase the hip pain. Embrace more rest but ensure it is in the right positions. For example let your legs be raised when sited and let your back be supported with a soft item.

  • Side sleeping

The posture you take when sleeping or walking is of essence. During pregnancy, and if you want to relief hip pain and other sort of pains, avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, adopt side sleeping and let your knees be slightly bent which will give the rest of your body balance and right posture to your body.


  • Did you ever think diet and supplements have a role in relieving your hip pain?

Yes they do. Remember it is during pregnancy that your bones demand for more calcium than any other moment in your life. Good calcium comes from consuming the right diets which will also help in reducing hip pain. A word of caution which every doctor will through at you is that you should avoid counter painkillers.

  • Are you in comfortable shoes?

The same way you sacrifice your party dresses because they cannot hold your pregnancy is the same way you have to let go your heels and stilettos. These kinds of shoes throw your body off balance which in return can exaggerate the pain. Do yourself a favor of opting for flats or platforms that will surely support your rapidly increasing body weight.

  • Try out water work outs the likes of swimming.

Being in water provides a cool feeling which later alleviates hip pain. Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises that will help you in this. However, ensure you can a go ahead from your doctor.

Well, all said and done, everyone wants a comfortable journey with their pregnancies. And when a hip pain may be just a minor annoyance to a majority of women, to others it something they may not wish any woman to undergo. Anyway, it is all about the way you play your game and if you are following your doctor’s guidelines. Make your doctor your closest friend such that you are both comfortable to call each other at whatever time there is a medical concern over your pregnancy. Remember, it is every woman’s dream and desire to carry their pregnancy to term. So be easy and do the right things but don’t overdo them lest they turn out to be harmful to your unborn child.


How to Work Out While Pregnant

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How to Work Out While Pregnant

Contrary to what many people think, it is very advisable to carry out exercise while pregnant. It is a therapy that tends to maintain physical fitness, overall health as well as body wellness. Probably many women may not know that exercising during pregnancy takes away some discomforts and at the same time it also prepares the body for labor and delivery by strengthening the muscles while building endurance. Hence is advisable to for every pregnant woman to stay active during pregnancy.

And if by any chance you have gestational diabetes, exercise would be ideal for you because it helps in managing the condition hence lowering the risks involved. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists endorses, at least, a daily 30 minutes of exercise for any women who does not have a complicated pregnancy.

Well, most moms to be will ask, what are the best forms of activities and exercises that will not risk my unborn child? They are many of them but again it is good to seek your healthy provider’s approval before indulging in any of them. Nevertheless, here are some that you can apply either cardiovascular or flexibility and strength exercises: –

  • Swimming

There is the tendency of feeling like swimming is very unsafe. But it is not, and any health care provider will tell you that it is one of the best and safe exercises for pregnant women. It is a cardiovascular activity that will help in reducing swelling which is very common and will also assist the woman to feel like they have a lighter weight despite the extra Kgs that come with pregnancy.


  • Aerobic classes

This works right into the heart and helps in toning the body. And by the way, don’t carry out this alone. You can choose to pull along other pregnant women who will give you an assurance that all is well.

  • Walking

This is one of the simplest exercises for any pregnant woman to carry out because it does not require any special equipment to accomplish it. The much you need is a good pair of supportive shoes and the beauty of this exercise is that it can be done from anywhere, it keeps you fit and will not affect your knees or ankles.

  • Weight training.

Weight training helps in strengthening the muscles. And in any case, you will be expected to do a lot of baby lifting once the baby comes hence and it is a viable exercise. However, ensure you use proper lifting techniques and, if possible, have a trainer with you who will help in controlling your movements.

  • Stretching.

It is a flexibility exercise that helps in keeping the body limber and relaxed. It also helps in preventing muscle strain.

  • Running.

Exercising of the heart is well achieved through a jog which at the same time helps in building endurance. However be cautious of the pace you keep when jogging depending on whether you are new in jogging or have prior experience. Use a slow pace to start with and also shorter routes and slowly build up to a heightened pace and longer route.


  • Dancing.

Use your favorite tunes that will make your movement smooth and perhaps you can do this from a dancing class or better still from the comfort of your room.

  • Yoga.

Yoga comes in handy for the maintenance of muscle tone. However, you can choose to supplement this exercise whose flexibility may have little or no impact on your joints with earlier mentioned activities the likes of walking or swimming.

The deal for activities sounds so real to an expectant mother. However, there are precautions to take before engaging yourself in any. Apart from consulting your healthcare provider, it is also important that you listen to your body and also ensure that you don’t overdo any recommended exercise, After all, not all workouts are recommended and especially during the last few months or weeks of your pregnancy.

And when it’s all about feeding, do so one hour before the workout and make sure you consume enough and healthy calories. Drink plenty of water and if you are doing any floor exercise, don’t rush to wake up because it may cause dizziness.

Ways of Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night

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Ways of Helping Baby Sleep Through The Night

It is every parent’s desire to have their babies sleeps peacefully through the evening with little or no disturbances. A majority of mothers and especially the new ones have not had sound sleep since their babies were born because they keep waking up in the night, and they must keep watch of them. The habit becomes more or less like a rite of passage.

Getting your baby to sleep through the evening is apparently one of the hardest tasks that parents must endure and being up all hours of the night with broken sleep becomes the order of the day. Nevertheless, there are various to do away with this rite of passage. And if well implemented, they will also reduce your feeling exhausted and frustrated probably after a long day at work.


  • Create a regular bedtime routine.

A baby’s predictability is very helpful because it prepares the baby way in advance. The routine should of the same time and does not have to be so complicated.

  • Ensure the baby is at ease.

Contentment is not defined by the fact that the baby is not crying. No. It includes other comforting elements the likes of being well fed, nicely and comfortably dressed, having adequate room temperature and have a cozy feel. By the way, some babies get very upset over tiny things so ensure that everything is just right for them, and you can be sure they will sleep with so much ease through the night.

  • Practice early bedtime.

Unlike what many mothers practice or believe that having the baby sleep later will make them sleeper longer towards the morning hours, the best time for a baby’s bedtime is between 7 to 8.30pm. The child tends to fight back sleep when put to bed late as a result of being overtired. It is not advisable to allow your child to stay up till late.

  • Teach the baby to fall asleep on their own.

How does this happen? Well, it sounds a hard skill but if well approached, it is not. To achieve this put the baby down even when they a wide awake but probably drowsy. Has it ever bothered you why sneaking into a baby’s crib wakes them up perhaps after a few minutes of falling asleep on your laps?

Well, it is because they have not learnt to fall asleep on their own. Allow them to whine and fuss themselves around before falling asleep.

  •  Share the cuddling roles with your partner.

Lie down together with the baby as you put them to sleep. And to stamp in them that it is time to sleep you could also pretend to be asleep. However, you must strategize on how to move them to their cot if they are of age to sleep on their own.

You could also exchange the cuddling roles with your partner which makes it easier for the baby to fall asleep.

And all said and done the baby once all grown will stop needing someone to put them to bed.