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Most Effective Ways to Relieve Hip Pain during Pregnancy

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Most Effective Ways to Relieve Hip Pain during Pregnancy

Any woman who has been pregnant will agree with me that pregnancy brings along many changes within the body. Besides there is pain here and pain there and however simple it may sound, a typical woman tends to get bothered and it is only through these body changes that finally makes them adore their bundles of joy. Among the many other side effects that come with pregnancy is the hip pain which is experience at one point or another during pregnancy. In fact it is one of the shared signs of pregnancy but you may also notice it during the second trimester as the baby increasingly grows.

There are several causes associated with hip pain with the main one being a pregnancy hormone called relaxin. The hormone is released as soon as one conceives and its role is to provide ligaments to the pelvic are with flexibility required during the birth process. Many expectant women have confessed that more often than not hip pain has being a nightmare causing disrupted sleep which leads to increased stress and discomfort during the day. It is also known to make joints become inflamed and sensitive.

Well, there are various tips and strategies that an expectant women can apply to counter and relieve hip pain during pregnancy. They include: –

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  • Try Yoga and other strengthening exercises

Strengthening of thigh and trunk muscles helps in spreading the pregnancy burden and especially when standing or moving. However, you will need to involve a physical therapist to help you with the right skills lest you take the wring move which could intensify the pain. Try different postures so long as you are able to get maximum comfort from hip pain.

  • Different stretches like knee stretching, sit stretch and hip flexor stretch are also highly recommended. They give a lot of relieve to hip pain but again ensure that you get the best comfort from the pain.
  • Avoid vigorous physical work.

Don’t attempt to lift heavy weights drastically, waking or standing for too long because all these increase the hip pain. Embrace more rest but ensure it is in the right positions. For example let your legs be raised when sited and let your back be supported with a soft item.

  • Side sleeping

The posture you take when sleeping or walking is of essence. During pregnancy, and if you want to relief hip pain and other sort of pains, avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, adopt side sleeping and let your knees be slightly bent which will give the rest of your body balance and right posture to your body.


  • Did you ever think diet and supplements have a role in relieving your hip pain?

Yes they do. Remember it is during pregnancy that your bones demand for more calcium than any other moment in your life. Good calcium comes from consuming the right diets which will also help in reducing hip pain. A word of caution which every doctor will through at you is that you should avoid counter painkillers.

  • Are you in comfortable shoes?

The same way you sacrifice your party dresses because they cannot hold your pregnancy is the same way you have to let go your heels and stilettos. These kinds of shoes throw your body off balance which in return can exaggerate the pain. Do yourself a favor of opting for flats or platforms that will surely support your rapidly increasing body weight.

  • Try out water work outs the likes of swimming.

Being in water provides a cool feeling which later alleviates hip pain. Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises that will help you in this. However, ensure you can a go ahead from your doctor.

Well, all said and done, everyone wants a comfortable journey with their pregnancies. And when a hip pain may be just a minor annoyance to a majority of women, to others it something they may not wish any woman to undergo. Anyway, it is all about the way you play your game and if you are following your doctor’s guidelines. Make your doctor your closest friend such that you are both comfortable to call each other at whatever time there is a medical concern over your pregnancy. Remember, it is every woman’s dream and desire to carry their pregnancy to term. So be easy and do the right things but don’t overdo them lest they turn out to be harmful to your unborn child.